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Trending: Party Themes 2020

Planning your child’s party for this new year? Here is a list of what is trending in 2020.

2020 is the “Throwback Year, I swear! So 80’s and 90’s babies, it is our turn!

Let us start with the upcoming movies: Sonic. We are 100% that your hubby will approve this theme.

You can find more ideas here

Find the Character:

Another upcoming movie and super cute party theme: Scooby Doo!!!!

Imagine the flowers and the hippy style outfit!!

Another exciting theme coming up this year is Spongebob!!! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea??!! Imagine Summer 2020, the colors, the decorations, the memories! Find your character: Happy Kids Chicago

Let’s keep going, the next theme is for the little ones and it is attached to the upcoming movie: Peter Rabbit

Moving along, the next theme looks promising! Perfect for boys and girls ages 5 and up. Trolls!!! The new movie is coming up! Really, we love the trolls. Happy Kids Chicago carries Poppy, Branch and Glitter.

For the older ones we have Space Jam, didn’t we tell you it was a throwback year? It truly is! The new movie is coming up too so get ready for a couple of awesome parties!

2019 is leaving us some party themes, among them:

Llama Parties



Arabian Nights

Whatever your party theme is this year, call and book your entertainment with us! Happy Kids Chicago is the largest entertainment company in Chicago with over 200 character to choose from.

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I want to invite Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to my virtual birthday party in Canada Saskatchewan Regina 3919 Robinson Street apartment room 3 please?

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