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The Team

Who We Are


Founder & CEO

Meet the owner: Nilmari wears many hats. She is not only the woman behind Happy Kids Chicago but also the founder of both HKC Parenting and School Consulting Services and My Birthday Dream Foundation.

Don’t be fooled by her workload, she is also a mom to 3 children, stepmom to 6, and dog mom to Bruno and Kimo.


Before becoming an entrepreneur, she worked for 10 years at a major Chicago non-profit, Association House. While there she served as a director for the Health and Prevention Programs Division.

Nilmari will never say no to chocolate cake!

Nilmari CEO Happy Kids Chicago
Gabi Happy Kids Chicago


Lead Entertainer

Gabriella  is a senior in high school. Her journey with Happy Kids Chicago started 5 years ago when she joined HKC’s Junior Team.


She first started as a character performer and now she one of the most requested entertainers. Gabi loves dancing, Starbucks, all things Sanrio, shopping, and she’s a total “Swiftie” (guilty as charged).


Her parties are always filled with fun music for all ages!


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Production Manager

Kassandra is our production manager. Kassi’s background includes child care provider and retail sales. She also gives life to our Minnie Mouse character among others.


If you need to abduct her just offer her a Venti Lemonade Açaí refresher from Starbucks or show her a puppy.

Kassandra Happy Kids Chicago
Claudia Happy Kids Chicago



Claudia Kuta, is an Entertainer and Senior in High School. Claudia is bilingual in English and Polish.


She has a lot experience with children as she has taken various Child development courses. Looking for a party in Polish, Claudia is your girl!


Sound & Music Engineer

Aaron is a performer and Sound & Music engineer. Aaron has been with Happy Kids Chicago for over 2 years.


Aaron is responsible of our playlists. When you book our Dino Adventure, Aaron is the one ROARing inside!

Aaron Happy Kids Chicago
Luis Happy Kids Chicago


Team Manager

Luis is one of our main entertainers. His funny jokes and ways to captivate the audience earned him the title of “The Most Requested Entertainer”.


Luis is a role model for many kids especially boys. Luis is also the founder of Mr Robotto, the largest Party Robots company in Chicago.



As a devoted mom to a vibrant baby boy, Ceci finds tremendous joy in witnessing his daily growth and development. Nothing warms her heart more than witnessing his silly moments and genuine laughter at nonsensical things.


Alongside her loving husband, they embark on many adventures, cherishing every moment of their journey as a tight-knit, silly, and loving family unit. Ceci loves music and loves to dance! However one of her main hobbies is being a crafter when she gets the chance. From handmade pieces to whimsical DIY projects, her artistic endeavors reflect her creativity and self-expression.


Additionally, she finds great delight in the transformative world of cosplay, embodying a diverse array of characters with fervor and authenticity. She loves dressing up any chance she gets!

Cece Happy Kids Chicago
Juan Happy Kids Chicago



Juan is our photographer from Cali, Colombia.


Juan started as a performer in our Jr team. During his time we discovered that he has an amazing eye for photography so we decided to develop his talent.


When you see an awesome picture in our social media, it was probably taken by Juan!

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