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600 parties in 10 months!

Chicago (IL) This weekend, Happy Kids Chicago will be celebrating its 600th party!!! Yes, that’s right! 600 parties and the year is not over!!! 

Happy Kids Chicago is the largest entertainment company in Chicago carrying over 200 characters.  

We asked Nilmari  Donate, owner of Happy Kids Chicago what makes Happy Kids Chicago so special.....

Our staff!!!

Our amazing staff makes our company special. This year we have been able to work with amazing entertainers and performers. Most of them are teachers and love working with children. 

Our show!!!

Every January we unveil a new show but before it is out, our show is scrutinized by educators. We make sure that we have a combination of activities, fun and learning. Every game involves a skill for the children and we make sure that the parents are also involved throughout the show. 

Our characters!!!

We take pride of having the best characters around. Not only the best ones but also the cleanest ones! We take safety seriously. Our characters are cleaned and disinfected between parties to ensure we are not spreading germs between events. 

We also add characters every month. We work with the best manufacturers worldwide. 

We are culturally competent

Most of our entertainers are bilingual in Spanish and English and they are trained to work with different cultures and populations. 

Our partners!

We have been able to partner with cities like the Town of Cicero, Village of New Lenox and Berwyn to reach more people. “If we are trusted by the city, people see us as someone they can trust” 


“We conduct background checks to all of our staff members” We make sure that whoever we are sending to your home is safe to work with your children. 

We are up to date! 

We add characters every month. Whatever your child is watching on TV, we have it! 

We are CPS vendors! 

We are insured to work with The Chicago Public Schools 

And last but not least...

We love to see your child grow! 75% of our costumers are “returning costumers”. It is lovely to see our kids growing every year. 

Have you partied with Happy Kids Chicago this year or attended a party they were entertaining? Let us know in the comments!

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