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This Teacher Surprised Every One of her Students on Their Birthdays during Covid19 Season.

Teachers are great but some are exceptional.....

Tameeka McFarlane, known as Ms. Star is a Pre-School Special Education Teacher in Evanston District 65. Because of Covid, the in person school year was cut short which took away the ability for her and her students to celebrate summer birthdays before early dismissal in March.

Ms. Star wanted to connect with her students and this is how she did it...

On her free time, Ms. Star is a well known face painter in the Chicagoland area. She watched all of her face painting colleagues find ways to continue to make income since entertainment businesses were closing, she took notes, asked a ton of questions to her balloon twisting mentors and taught herself how to create and build balloon yard art.

This was how she would connect with her summer birthday kiddos and offer a super fun way to  surprise them as well as offer the excuse to see their lovely little faces after months of only seeing them on screens. She had no interest in making money. She didn't charged the parents or the school, she just showed up on door steps and celebrated with her kids.

There were some tears of joy and plenty of running/jumping and flopping around when they saw her.

"Its been an honor and a pleasure to continue to serve my students and families and do this in creative and fun ways". Ms. Star said.

Ms. Star, your passion and commitment for kids and their education is contagious. We wish you and your new set of students a great 2020-2021 school year.

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