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Real Dinosaur at Your Party? Meet Nora!

ROAR!!! You can now have a Real "Like" Dinosaur at your child's party or corporate event. We make sure Nora, our female dino, is well-fed before she shows up. We certainly don't want Nora eating any of your guests.

This "real like" experience is suitable for children over 5 years old. We have spent hours training her and we found out that she loves children so don't be scared about all of the sounds she makes. She usually makes those sounds when she is excited... or hungry! 

Nora enjoys the outdoors and does not do well in enclosed spaces. Please note that Nora is almost 7 feet tall.

One highly trained handler will be at your event to make sure everything goes out smoothly. 

Book Nora now!

Call: 773-551-0780

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