Who Are They? Coming soon in Animated Cartoons

Have you ever wondered, who are those 3 kids? Meet Sami, Franckie and Milo! 3 amazing children who have amazing skills! 

Sami, the oldest;

She loves music, you can see her wearing her headphones even while studying. She loves gymnastics and dancing. She loves to try new food especially if coming from other countries. She loves to travel and meeting kids from all over the world. When she grows up, she wants to study languages to be able to help others. 

Franckie; the middle child:

He is super savvy in math. He loves video games and can teach you a lot of tricks about them. 

He likes to make new friends and is an “anti bullying” champion. He is a great student and loves school. He is learning how to play basketball. Everyone says he will grow up to be a great businessman. He will teach you how to start your own lemonade stand! 

Milo, the youngest:

He loves to dance. Transitioning to school has been a little hard for him but he is getting better. He is learning how to read and loves spending time with mom. He loves candy, a little too much. 

He plays soccer and loves to make new friends. You will learn from him about feelings and how to  express and control them.

Stay tuned for their new adventures! Coming soon in animated cartoons. 

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